Privacy Policy

This site is hosted on a third party server using WordPress. I also use Google Analytics and Google Webmaster to help me with managing this site. I have no control over data Google receives as a result of visiting this site. I also have no control over my hosting provider. I do my best to ensure the security of this site, but I can’t promise anything.

That said, I respect your privacy completely. I will not use any information you provide to compile mailing lists or any other purposes beyond what is needed for functionality of the site. I won’t send you e-mail accept as a possible side effect of responding to a comment you leave. I also don’t collect password information, which should be hashed by the server software. It is still strongly advised that you use a unique password for every site you setup an account.

Information you post here will obviously be publicly viewable. HTTPS only goes so far. E-mail addresses are configured to be hidden in comments. First and last name will be displayed. E-mail verification may be used as a spam prevention measure. That is a normal function of the site. Your IP address is logged but not visible to other users. Just remember Google. They do their own thing. Site data retention is indeterminate.

This site uses cookies. Cookies are tiny text files that are stored on a user’s browser. Most cookies contain a unique identifier called a cookie ID: a string of characters that websites and servers associate with the browser on which the cookie is stored. This allows websites and servers to distinguish the browser from other browsers that store different cookies, and to recognize each browser by its unique cookie ID.

Cookies are widely used by websites and servers to provide many of the basic services we find online. If you shop on a website, a cookie allows the website to remember which items you’ve added to your virtual shopping cart. If you set preferences on a website, a cookie allows the website to remember your preferences the next time you visit. Or if you sign into a website, the website might use a cookie to recognize your browser later on, so that you don’t have to sign in again. Cookies also allow websites to collect data about user activity, such as how many unique visitors a page receives per month. All these applications depend on the information stored in cookies.

It may be possible for you to “Opt-Out” of tracking, depending on your browser. See this article: Do Not Track. For example, the latest version of Safari for OS X offers a privacy preference.

Safari Privacy: Do Not Track
Safari Preferences

If I have failed to cover anything, please let me know via twitter. Assume information you provide may not be as safe as you or I would like it to be. Ultimately, the only data will be what you provide.