The iPhone / iPod touch Page

I am an iPhone developer. Instead of using Lisp for iPhone (and iPod touch) development work, I use a mixture of C, C++, and Objective-C 2.0. I also use the Apple tools included as part of Xcode 3.1. The iPhone is truly a remarkable device. It is a general purpose computer that is more powerful than most desktop PCs were in 1998. And it fits so easily into the palm of your hand.

As my applications are made available on the iPhone App Store, I will give them each a support page that you can find here. I do hope you enjoy my applications.

Tap into the App Store and you'll find applications in every category-from games to business, education to entertainment, productivity to social networking. Applications for iPhone take advantage of its groundbreaking features such as Multi-Touch, GPS, and the accelerometer. And they can all be downloaded wirelessly to your iPhone.

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