De-anonymising myself

I’ve started using my twitter @dsteuber again. Just now. Follow me there if you are interested in my programming stuff. My profile links to this website. There is also a backdoor, so to speak, to my alternate persona. I’ve been using that quite a bit and will continue to do so for frivolous things.

My goal here is to get serious (again) about my independent programming efforts on the iOS / OS X platforms. Even though the language is still unstable, as in it keeps changing, I will be concentrating on Swift. While I’m still more comfortable programming in C, Swift looks to be the future of development on Apple’s platforms.

My interests lie in photography, fractals, and simulations. I also have an interest in genetic algorithms but very little experience there for now.

Playing With Theme Appearance

At this moment, I’m not sure if WordPress really saves me work over my old method of hand typing in HTML and editing my own CSS. I’ve uploaded some images for ‟flair”. I’m reasonably satisfied with how the cat displays on my laptop. I have a fractal image background that I just couldn’t make work for the main column.

Oh well.

There’s time enough to play with settings while I don’t have anything in the way of content. Meanwhile, I invite you to look at how things looked (sort of) in the old days. I have an iPhone section where I advertise the two iPhone apps I have on the iTunes App Store.