Good Morning!

I’ve been playing with a few things. One is a Foucault pendulum. I’ve built it in the basement. It’s not complete yet. It needs a drive to replace the energy lost to air drag. I don’t yet know how to design such a beast. I’ve ordered some learning materials to aid in that. A magnet controlled by a micro-controler seems to be the ticket. Arduino is very popular. It looks like I’ll go that way.

I’ve also been getting back into photography. I’m taking small steps. While a nice DSLR would be great, I’m starting cheap with a bridge camera. I’ve got a Nikon P610. I wish it gave me more range on the shutter speed. That’s because I want to do some night photography. Nevertheless, it’s got some nice features. I maybe writing some Swift 2.0 code in the future to composite images into 4K video.

In the meantime, I’ve done this little clip just using iMovie and the camera’s built in functionality.


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