I Can Keep This Short, Right?

Obviously my career as a blogger is not going to happen. That’s OK. I have this site for other reasons.

Since I last posted, a lot has happened. New iPhones. New OS X. New iOS. New Xcode. I’m now on Xcode 7.1 running on OS X El Capitan. I endeavor to do my development in the latest version of Swift when I’m doing Swift (which is what I do for OS X and iOS). Swift 2 has broken some of my code in ways I haven’t figured out.

I am hating the new developer forums. Not all change is good.

My latest efforts have been non-programming related. I’m evaluating programs that are effectively direct competitors to my project. These programs are developed by teams. I am one person. They have also done some pretty cool stuff. I have my work cut out for me if I am to succeed (no guarantees there).

I’m working on a bottom up approach which is not well supported by Xcode. The UI / UX is actually the last bit I’ll be working on if I make it that far. The first part is getting the foundations in place to build upon. This is where changes in Swift have hurt me. Calls to the Core X stuff have broken. I kind of need that to work.

Playing with the programs that do things like what I’m trying to do is educational too. Their APIs are fairly well refined, although I do run into quibbles here and there. They also show me just how much work I have to do.