Sorry About The Lack of Updates

I’ve been otherwise distracted. I haven’t even downloaded Xcode 7 β2 yet. I have replaced my 17 year old Impreza with a new Impreza. Here’s a picture. It’s kind of nice. I didn’t know cars had come so far in those 17 years. My previous Impreza was a five speed manual. The new one has the CVT. A bit of adaptation is required. I think it’s a bit larger too.

Interfacing with the iPhone is not perfect. That may be user error on my part. Or it could be something else. Playing music and receiving phone calls hands free works. Sending text messages, having texts read to me, and originating phone calls does not. The rear view camera is next to useless. The iPhone won’t use the LCD display as a secondary display device.

2015 Impreza Sport CVT
2015 Impreza Sport CVT

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