Yes, Back To Basics

The problem I’ve been having with the UICollectionView has been solved by vacawama on Stack Overflow. The question I posted, along with the responses I got are here:

It has been pointed out, correctly, that my manner of asking the question was not ideal (paraphrasing here). I won’t excuse myself. Still, I couldn’t think of any other way to do it. I had no idea where the problem lay. I didn’t think pulling from GitHub would be a huge burden. I was probably wrong on that point even though vacawama took it up.

Now I can go back to the app that really matters and fix the collection view there. I’ve also committed the fix, with credit, to GitHub. So anyone with any interest in a modern way to implement Apple’s CollectionView-Simple example in Swift 1.2 can pull down that project and play with it.

It’s something of a stress relief that the problem was solvable. I just wish I knew how the view options got screwed up.

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