De-anonymising myself

I’ve started using my twitter @dsteuber again. Just now. Follow me there if you are interested in my programming stuff. My profile links to this website. There is also a backdoor, so to speak, to my alternate persona. I’ve been using that quite a bit and will continue to do so for frivolous things.

My goal here is to get serious (again) about my independent programming efforts on the iOS / OS X platforms. Even though the language is still unstable, as in it keeps changing, I will be concentrating on Swift. While I’m still more comfortable programming in C, Swift looks to be the future of development on Apple’s platforms.

My interests lie in photography, fractals, and simulations. I also have an interest in genetic algorithms but very little experience there for now.

My Old Lisp Stuff

I wanted to restore some of my old web site. A big part of it was related to Lisp. Unfortunately, not everything has been preserved. I did a Google search and found that some of it is archived. I went into my own backups and found a fair bit of it.

Lots of stuff is missing, including some video. There’s nothing I can do about it. But I do hope that my surviving stuff gets reindexed by Google by posting a link to it here.

A bunch of this stuff dates back to 2005. Somethings I wanted to do never happened. And a lot of it is obsolete because Lisp is still marching on.

Name and Shame; a Brief Gripe

This website isn’t even really going yet. But already people are trying to hack it. I think the hackers are my biggest visitors. They won’t be reading this because I blocked their IPs. Then again, they might. Who knows how many people try to compromise even the tiniest of websites?

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 15.49.39 PM

Did I mention I get e-mail notifications for this?